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Smart Building Conference SBC 2017 IoT

How the IoT brings buildings to life and reboots business models

Leading executives and brands participate in SBC Commercial Track

The Smart Building Conference gives attendees the opportunity to hear how the Internet of Things is already helping to bring alive the vision of truly smart buildings. At the one day conference, taking place on the day before ISE 2017 begins, leading executives from the likes of Google, Cisco, Bosch, Siemon and Osram will share their experiences as well as their insight into the Internet of Building Things in the Commercial Track at SBC 2017.

With IoT technology getting more affordable and easier to manage, Google Networks CTO Aglaia Kong will discuss many new use cases such as using VR/AR to remote manage and address building issues, leveraging data analytic to provide optimised dynamic space utilization, and using IOT sensors for better building security.

Claire Penny, Worldwide Solution Leader for IBM’s Watson IoT, will discuss how “cognitive IT” brings a new level of intelligence to both smart homes and smart buildings. Watson is IBM’s technology that can think like a human and IBM’s cognitive computing is the rising star in state-of-the-art technology, bringing together AI, Big Data and IoT.

At Bosch Software Innovations, it’s clear that “digI(o)Talization” is changing business models in the construction and building industry, Gabriel Wetzel, Vice President for IoT Projects and Smart City, Bosch Software Innovations, will explain the key features of an IoT-cloud-based platform and how IoT will modify relationships in the real estate market.

Arup and Tyrrell Systems will join together in a session about real world implementation of Open Source Controls and why they believe this is a game changer for the industry. Ecohouse Energy director Paul Foulkes will share how to get Big Data out of the building. And, if it’s not always easy to sort out the “killer applications” from the IoT hype bubble, Lennart Ruhl, Head of Light Management Systems in EMEA for OSRAM GmbH, will help conference delegates distinguish between the two.

Lee Funnell, Technical Manager EMEA for The Siemon Company will explore what’s wrong with the current approach to smart buildings that make up the mass market at the moment, the difference between interfaced and integrated– and how a different approach changes the building that is delivered.

James McHale, Managing Director of Memoori Research, will explain the market statistics and trends—and where the smart building journey will lead us. And an industry panel run by Accenture’s Matthew Marson will discuss those further advancements and innovations that we can look forward to—as well as possible solutions to the security issues.

We all want to know how the IoT platform creates opportunity in commercial, residential and marine—and Bernhard Huessy, CEO & Co-founder of Nomos System AG will draw upon thousands of installations in the field to make the opportunity clear.

To bring it even closer to home, one of America’s leading pro AV integrators, Mark Valenti, President and CEO, The Sextant Group will talk about his experience at the cutting edge of installations. His message: the challenge of smart building is not in the technology but the process. If you want to apply what you will learn from the Smart Building Conference, you’ll not want to miss his speech.

All SBC 2017 attendees will also get VIP seating to hear the ISE 2017 Opening Address from award winning architect Ole Scheeren which commence at the close of the Smart Building Conference.

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