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Smart Building Conference 2016

Showcasing a European perspective for an international audience

Conference Content Chairman Bob Snyder believes that the pan-European focus of the Smart Building Conference makes the event unique. “I think that it provides a different perspective, a different flavour than events in the USA or local European national events,” he said.

“We are the leading conference for the smart tech inside buildings that enables seamless, collaborative, healthy and comfortable working experiences. We don’t believe a building is ‘truly’ smart until it enables its occupants.”

Snyder said that the appeal of the event is that it shows executives from around the world fresh perspectives from a European angle. “We tend to do things differently,” he said, “love it or not, it’s better than hearing the same old things. Also, it’s a great way to research the European market – and an even better way to launch into it! We offer a great opportunity for networking. We are all about business. ”